Max Fierke

never met a *nix system I didn't want to be friends with


mstrap (short for "machine bootstrap") is a tool for provisioning and managing a development environment. It is a convention-over-configuration tool, which aims to leverage existing ecosystem tools to provide a one-command provisioning experience for a new machine.


  • Setup Homebrew for development package management
  • Install basic development tools and setup reasonable system defaults (via strap or strap-linux)
  • Setup environment for running shared, containerized services (currently via Docker)
  • Clone and bootstrap projects
    • Automatic setup of web projects with a .localhost domain and locally-trusted TLS cert (via mkcert)
  • Setup version-managed language runtimes (via asdf-vm)

mstrap is wholly centered around proving a no-runtime-dependency (other than normal system libraries) approach and will always remain a tool designed around getting you up and running immediately after taking a new machine out of its box and completing the OS setup.